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1. Hire our guiding services for a two hour city tour in:
Bayeux* / Caen / Honfleur / Mont Saint Michel / Rouen

  • We meet your party on site
  • A fixed 180€ for a group up to 15 people
  • Any additional 10 are charged at a fixed 40€
  • *Check out all of tour options in Bayeux
  • Ask for other city tours around Bayeux or along the A13, not all listed here

2. Hire our guiding services on board your vehicle from Bayeux
  • For one of our city tours to Caen, Honfleur, Mont Saint Michel or Rouen
  • or for one of our themed circuits listed below
  • For a half-day or a full day service (see tariffs below)
  • Sites and itinerary to be discussed together
  • We arrange appointments with producers and "lords of the manors"
  • A "mix and match" circuit can be designed within the same area
  • Commentary on-board and on sites

For a half-day up to 6 hours 
  • To be arranged between 8.30am to 2.30pm or 1.30pm and 7.30pm *
  • A fixed 180€ for a group up to 15 people. 
  • Any additional 10 are charged at a fixed 40€.
For a full-day up to 10 hours 
  • To be arranged between 8.30am and 7.30pm *
  • A fixed 360€ for a group up to 15 people. 
  • Any additional 10 are charged at a fixed 40€.

*Times indicated above are from and back to Bayeux
Any additional 1/2 hour at your request is charged 20€

We do not commission agents but we do apply a 10% discount from 200€ invoiced (entrances to museums excluded). 

  1. No deposit is required at time of the booking. Date is however reserved for your party.
  2. Cancellation can be made up to 2 weeks before the date of the visit without incurring any charge. 
  3. On that date, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required. Payment is to be made via a Paypal invoice or bank transfer (reminder will be sent).
  4.  Final payment is to be made in Euro cash to the guide at the beginning of the tour against a paid invoice receipt. Fees remain the same regardless of final number of attendees even if smaller.


  1. Would any “last minute” event incur the full cancellation of the tour only the 50% deposit will be lost, no further cancellation fee will apply. However a courtesy phone call is expected on the guide’s cell phone provided

  1. Would anything "last minute" happen that would incur changes on the tour as arranged between us, we will endeavour to accommodating any changes that same day (start time, duration...) SUBJECT TO FEASIBILITY and AVAILABILITY. We do not commit to offer neither replacement nor changes BUT we will aim to, wherever possible, to avoid disappointment. Fees would remain the same. Group leader must have a cell working abroad and the guide’s cell number at all times.

Early enquiry is required to avoid disappointment!
or calling +33(0)770 18 46 53 - Paris time 7.30am to 11pm daily


We meet you on site. At the heart of the D-Day landing sectors, rich with heritage buildings and History. Anecdotes and old tales make this guided tour a unique view of this typical yet so special Normandy city. The unmissable stop to any Normandy holiday! 
Only in Bayeux: you can also simply recommend our daily scheduled tours, from April 1st to September 30th. No booking necessary. A perfect "free time" activity! Also check our unbeatable individual rates for
 private tours for small sized parties.

CAEN - 35mn drive from Bayeux
Heavily bombed during 1944 Caen still retains some heritage buildings to be found in narrow medieval streets full of history. Home of William the Conqueror who chose Caen to build his ducal castle and both his and his beloved wife Mathilde's resting place, namely the two famous Abbaye aux Hommes and Abbaye aux Dames.

HONFLEUR - 1h drive from Bayeux
A quaint little village with timber houses surrounding a charming harbor. Streets filled with art galleries, birth village of numerous french celebrities and inspiration to many famous painters. Follow the guide in an itinerary which optimizes the visit of this maze-type village.

MONT SAINT MICHAEL - 1h30mn drive from Bayeux
Remparts, narrow streets, countless stairs, breathtaking views and a crowning architectural achievement, the "Merveille". Learn about the history, religious beliefs and pilgrimages, not to mention the gruesome usage of the dungeons!

ROUEN - 1h45mn drive from Bayeux
The city of "a hundred spires", Rouen was also the martyr place of Joan of Arc, emblematic character in French history. Discover the half timber houses, its plague cemetery and its famous "Horloge". Learn about its importance in Normandy history, then and now!


From cider to cheese, from oysters to cookies, from Calvados to honey, from cider to wine, indulge yourselves without guilt enjoying the true tastes of Normandy in small sized estates. Let farmers who open their doors only to us their love for their traditional production methods. Appreciate their respect for their livestock and the environment.
Total driving time : 1h30 (Bessin) 3h (Pays d'Auge)
 Total guiding and visit time: 2h30
From linen fabric to soap, from pottery to glass, from wool to ceramic, meet local craftspeople, artists and producers. Admire the ancestral techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, from mentor to apprentice. In small sized production sites, only accessible to us, soak the enthusiasm from these passionate entrepreneurs.
Total driving time : 1h30 (Bessin) 3h (Pays d'Auge)
Total guiding and visit time: 2h30

Bessin is the hiding place of many privately owned manors opening their doors only to us. Step back in time and discover period features and furniture. Feast your eyes and ears with tales of old times. Penetrate humble abbeys, now private properties, whose thick walls are the testimony of deep medieval beliefs.
Total driving time : 1h30
Total guiding and visit time: 2h30

Bayeux is at the door-step of the main 1944 D-DAY landing sites. Though you cannot cover the length of them in one afternoon, we concentrate on a few of the most significant ones on either sector, providing an emotional and factual understanding of D-Day events.
Total driving time : 2h
Total guiding and visit time: 2h30

Access could be restricted for larger groups on some manufacturing units therefore sites and itinerary will be decided accordingly at the time of the quote. Entry to manors will be reserved to small sized parties and usually against a small fee, not included in our guiding fee. Larger groups will still have outside access.
Bayeux - Caen - Mont Saint Michel - Honfleur - Rouen - D-Day Landing Beaches

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