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Contents of the tour

Our sightseeing tour is informative, lively, full of carefully researched facts but also anecdotes as told by long standing members of Bayeux. We want to help you appreciate Bayeux as a typical yet special Normandy town. Bayeux has so much to show and share!

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Bayeux counts many half-timbered buildings from the 14th century, mansions from the 18th century and many other buildings with fascinating architecture ... This guided tour therefore gives the opportunity to teach or revise its specific vocabulary, to interpret the symbols, the statues, to understand the usefulness of their method of construction, to know the materials, their origins ...

Without forgetting, of course, our magnificent cathedral which reveals centuries of architectural changes that we help you identify.


Famous for its Tapestry relating the Battle of Hastings and accession of William the Conqueror to the throne of England, Bayeux has also seen the first official appearance of General Charles de Gaulle, a few days only after D-Day and the liberation of Bayeux.

Many other significant events and major characters are present in Bayeux's history.

But behind the main history line are all these little stories, poignant or uplifting, the stories of people and their courage, cunning or hardship. This is what makes a guided tour come alive!

From 250 BC until 1944, we cover many historical periods, not to mention the 200 years of history that we share with England.

Old customs

Discover how medieval folks use to live, eat, even stay clean! Learn about superstitious habits and everyday customs. Supported by visuals, you will step back in time. Learn about the many invasions and occupations Normandy has known, each bringing progress and innovations. Learn about the capital role of the River Aure running through Bayeux.

Legends and tales

A Normandy town is never without its own legends and tales, usually passed on from generation to generation and still believed by 21st century people! Learn how some expressions have found their way to everyday language, in French as well as in English!

All our group tours are run in English only.

Photos are permitted during the tour but sound recording devices and note taking are not.

Be mindful that no "nature call" stops are scheduled during our tours, so please plan ahead

We are not responsible if you injure yourself or get injured during our tours: you are responsible for your own safety. We always recommend to all tourists that they secure travel insurance and check the extent of its cover.

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