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The famous "ladies in a green hat" 

Christèle and Marie-Noëlle will lead you through the streets of Bayeux, a medieval Normandy town full of history. This informative and enjoyable tour includes anecdotes, legends and even a couple of linguistic lessons! 

The two partners carried out in-depth research and devised a visit of Old Bayeux to make their customers discover its secrets. They endlessly acquire dusty books and other "great-finds" that enhance their knowledge of history and the anecdotes that enliven the tour. Both manage concurrently the emails and calls. They aim to be accommodating and adapt to last minute changes whenever it is possible.

The best compliment that was given to them: "Already two hours !! That's not possible ! We have not seen the time pass! We learned so much! "



Christèle was born in the Loire Valley where she got her first taste of “old stones” in the numerous nearby castles. After studying languages, history and arts in Touraine, she went to Paris where she met her English husband. Between 1995 and 2011, she lived and worked in England. Back in France, she chose Bayeux, a city with exceptional history and heritage, with a charming environment and rich culture. For her personal pleasure, she started to research on Bayeux and its surroundings.

Her first job in Bayeux was to manage bookings for guided tours on the landing beaches. During this posting, many customers asked her for advice for a visit of the medieval Bayeux. She then realized, to her surprise, that no city tour was offered.

She got acquainted with Marie-Noëlle who was a volunteer in the same Bayeux association. Together in April 2014, they co-founded Discovery Walks Bayeux. 

Christèle specializes in family visits with children and school / student outings.



Marie-Noëlle, born in Paris, arrived at 4 years old in Normandy and has been living in Bayeux for more than 30 years. She is very involved in the associations of Bayeux, which fuels her address book and opens many doors, in particular, those of private mansions.

With a master's degree in law, also bilingual, passionate about history, she was immediately seduced by the idea of offering guided tours of Bayeux, when Christèle approached her.

She already had many books on the subject and above all, she was able to get from the mouth of local witnesses many new and fun anecdotes that enliven and brighten the visit.

Since 2018, she has initiated a "tasting" tour in addition to the usual tour which is very popular. She specializes in tours for cultural groups

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