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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Individual clients and groups of families / friends

Christèle and Marie-Noëlle will only use your data (email and telephone address - sometimes country and age of participating children) for the time necessary to process your reservation, payment, visit, potential cancellation and automated feedback request (by booking platform). This means that your data is not stored and that once the visit has been made, it will no longer be used by our services.

Even during this lapse of time, they will never be the object, neither of sharing, nor of sale, nor will not be used for purposes of future commercial solicitation. If you explicitly want all your information to be eliminated forever from our contact methods (Example: email address automatically stored during an email conversation, telephone number in "recent calls" ...), do not hesitate to ask us for this very precise destruction at the end of your visit or your enquiry if it does not follow through.

If you are particularly worried about your digital footprint and wish to contact our team anonymously, do not hesitate to call Christèle or Marie - Noëlle on a hidden number.

Discovery Walks is however not responsible for the processing of your data by other platforms or browsers which have brought you to this site.

Company of tour operators and other touristic service providers

Christèle and Marie-Noëlle keep the contact details of tour operators and other partners / providers that they can contact for information purposes and all other contacts as part of their regular exchanges, some actually commercial depending on the nature of the partnership. If the receipt of this information or other form of contact are not requested, do not hesitate to ask us to remove all information concerning you from our lists.


As you can see, our "data processing" clause is written with great sincerity.

We know that the fears of the misuse of our data is a hot topic nowadays and they are ours too. So be reassured that we are treating your data as we hope ours is. It may not be very legal jargon but it shows our good faith! :-)

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